Council considers fire hydrants; rate relief

By Grace Moore

Monday night’s Moorcroft Council Meeting proceeded quietly with ordinances read to allow the same 50 percent relief of sewer and garbage rates for eligible low income seniors and low income disabled citizens as they receive for their water bill. Town attorney Jim Peck noted, “If you qualify for one, you qualify for all three.”

Before department reports, the council adjourned into executive session to discuss a legal issue. When they returned, they accepted responsibility for the needed hydrants that were not installed by developer Steve Noakes within the infrastructure of his subdivision, Bountiful Homes.

“The houses have been built there, it’s a health and safety thing,” said Councilman Owen Mathews. “The requirements weren’t there. It’s not been done [and] it falls on the town to pick up that cost.”

“The reputation of the town needs to be solidified…We need to protect those people out there,” added Paul Smoot.

When asked the cost, Public Works Director Cory Allison answered that the town has surplus hydrants at the shop and that the project will take, “at the most, eight or ten days with good [weather]; four days per fire hydrant.”

Allison requested and received permission from the governing body to tear down the nonfunctioning bathrooms at Noonan Park as a first step toward repairing the waterline and rebuilding to today’s specifications.

The many other details on the list to be fixed have had a slow completion, like the repair or removal of the damaged merry-go-round, basketball court and chain link fence at Noonan Park and the construction at Texas Trails.

Allison answered Councilman Paul Smoot’s request for an approximate completion date, saying, “It just takes time, we’re trying to get ready for winter. We just haven’t got it done yet. This week’s supposed to be nice; we’re going to hammer a lot of that stuff out.”

Mayor Steve Sproul warned Allison, “I’ll be going around all the parks with my pictures and I’ll see that this is corrected. This has got to be done. Our kids are involved.”

Fees have been lowered for renting the MTC facilities, which, according to Nancy Feehan, will open the doors for some who considered renting rooms for their function cost prohibitive.