Cost of living increase to be applied to town water fees

By Grace Moore

The water enterprise account, which, by law, along with the sewer account, must pay for its own loans, is facing a “cost of living” rate hike of two percent in the coming months. The sewer account is also facing a hike of $4.40 a month, according to Councilman Dick Claar, to bring that account into alignment with the loans needed to complete the infrastructure construction.

The governing body has been reluctant to push forward with this latest increase because of the already high cost of these accounts in Moorcroft, with all the members voicing their concern at any further increase at the last council meeting. The change will read on citizens’ bills as an increase of 90₵ on water and the $4.40 on sewer, explained Claar.

Town Attorney Jim Peck is in the process of writing the ordinance for examination at the next council meeting.