Construction to begin on three temporary traffic signals in Crook County

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has commissioned Casper Electric to install temporary traffic signals at three locations in Crook County. The contractor plans to begin construction on January 29.
The three locations are at the highway junctions of WYO 14 and WYO 24, WYO 24 and WYO 110 near Devils Tower and WYO 24 and WYO 111 near the town of Aladdin. The majority of the construction will take place off the roadway, within the WYDOT right of way.
However, there will be times when flaggers will alert drivers of any delays. Completion date on this project is July 31, 2018 but the contractor hopes to be completed in April.
The primary purpose of this project is to improve traffic congestion during the week of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the concurrent Hulett Ham and Jam, which occur annually in August. The signals are needed at the three intersections to stop mainline traffic and provide a gap for traffic entering the intersecting highways.
A secondary purpose of this project is efficient use of WYDOT funds. WYDOT currently rents nine portable traffic signals during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally; three at each of the three intersections.
Costs of these portable signals vary depending on availability. WYDOT anticipates recovering the cost of the signals, making the project the most cost effective solution. The temporary signals will only be turned on during the Sturgis Rally.