Construction counts down to school year

Grace Moore photo
Crews lay pipe northeast of the track on Monday.

With only 5 weeks left before school resumes, Tom Necklason, Crook County School District #1 Facilities Director, shares the progress of the three projects started this summer. The first project to break ground at the beginning of summer break was the track area.

“The track project is going well with the asphalt being done and pretty much cured out. The surfacing company will begin leveling and prepping the asphalt surface for the running surface,” he says.

He expects the contractor to start work on the stairs and ADA ramps going down to the bleachers soon.

The second project Necklason reports on is the job at the northeast corner of the MHS building.

“The retaining wall is slowly progressing at almost a layer a day,” he says. The wall should about reach the required height by next week.

Then, after completing the wall, DRM will begin preparing to install the sidewalks and parking areas of the third project.

By Grace Moore