Confusion in the ranks

By Grace Moore

The onsite engineers and one of the general contractors overseeing the many active projects in Pine Haven were represented by HDR’s Nick VanWyhe at last week’s council meeting to discuss with Mayor Larry Suchor his recent communication with a sub-contractor working on the water tank project, bypassing the contractor and engineer.

The mayor authorized and ordered the electrical work to install a transformer so the town can operate a chlorination system that was part of the project under oversight, saying, “We can be there to inspect the work.”

However, he admitted talking about equipment pricing and labor time with the electrical sub-contractor, even authorizing and ordering the electrical sub-contractor to install a transformer to make operational the secondary chlorination source, without which, according to Suchor, “that main pump won’t run”.

This action by any member of the council lends to confusion on site; according to VanWhye, “the person who’s being talked to is the sub-contractor to Dale Weaver and he isn’t 100 percent aware of what’s going on…so any prices the sub-contractor is giving you in the field may be inflated.”

This behavior is then affecting the numbers presented to the council, he said.

Councilwoman Karla Brandenburg advised the governing body that they, as a council, should not interfere. “I think we should let the engineer handle this instead of the town,” she said.

To which the mayor agreed, reiterating, “It needs to get done.”