Coffee Cup donates to fire department


Fred Devish, Ryan Brickly, Toni Kornemann, Taylor Woods, Sherri Sullivan, Sandy Knodel, Orefessa Wondercheck and Rusty Williamson.
Grace Moore photo

Long time volunteer firemen Fred Devish and Rusty Williamson were on hand Monday morning to receive a donation of $667 from manager Toni Kornemann and the crew of the Coffee Cup Fuel Stop (CCFS).
Williamson says, “We’ve had great support from our city and great leadership within our fire department and it’s really obvious when you go to other departments all across the state of Wyoming and you look at their trucks, their equipment, their experience and their training. I would run us up against any paid department in the state of Wyoming and it’s made possible through people like the Coffee Cup supporting us.”
Williamson further comments on the value of the various contributions of the entire community, “We wouldn’t be a fire department if we just had the volunteers down here and not the support from the community financially, the food and even the support of a thank you once in awhile.”
The Moorcroft Volunteer Fire Department maintains a crew of 23 firemen currently. There are, Williamson figures, around 15 solid pretty active members and we have about five or seven who come out of the woodwork and help when there’s a particularly bad fire.
“We’ve had a tremendous department for 20-plus years,” he says.
Devish agrees, “We’re pretty proud of our outfit.”
This is the third year that CCFS has donated needed funds to a worthy cause in town; they had previously gifted funds to the community gardens and the ambulance service.


By Grace Moore