Citizens invited to get involved with garbage question

By Grace Moore

Pine Haven residents are encouraged to attend the regular council meeting November 14 at 7 p.m. to listen and be involved with the options facing the governing body regarding Pine Haven’s sold waste.

Like the other municipalities in the county, Pine Haven will be talking about how to proceed with garbage in the future. The options identified include signing a contract with Victory or a similar disposal agent at a higher price per household to carry the garbage to Belle Fourche, Gillette or some other accepting landfill and/or writing a letter to the Crook County Commissioners advocating a countywide levy of one to three mils.

Mayor Larry Suchor stated after a workshop last week, that the council now has the necessary numbers to proceed.

“Based on economic value…I think what the council will do is analyze the difference between one or three mils to their household, the community and the town and evaluate that against the increase [to which] we will potentially be driven to have our solid waste hauled,” he said.

“They’ve got enough information to make their analysis.”

He said that he really has no idea how the vote will go until they analyze the different costs to the individual households for the available options. Regardless of the council’s long range choice, the town will be hauling somewhere else for the foreseeable future, Suchor said.