Beware, PCH grifters

By Grace Moore

Phone scammers are working through Moorcroft this holiday season and have already claimed at least one victim.

Approximately two weeks ago, an individual called a local citizen claiming to represent the Publishers Clearing House (PCH) and saying that the citizen had won $2.5 million; however, the caller claimed that the citizen had to send PCH an undisclosed amount to facilitate receiving their winnings.

The resident did indeed send them the initial funds, but when they tried to get more, asking for another approximate $15,000, the local got on the website of the real PCH and found out that the real PCH comes to the door and they never ask for money for you to receive your winnings.

This is one of the repeating frauds that hit town every year and Moorcroft Chief of Police Doug “Red” Lundborg consistently warns people to “be very leery…If it’s a legit PCH, it will come in the mai.”