Appointments cause controversy again

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
Mayor Steve Sproul’s nominations for the MTC Committee cause tension in the council chambers.

The recently formed MTC Committee under current ordinance holds seven positions and the council approved five of the initial appointments Moorcroft Mayor Steve Sproul offered at the previous meeting. However, instead of nominating from the many Moorcroft and area applicants at Monday night’s meeting, Sproul again insisted upon their consideration of his own choices, John Aloisio and Elise Buhler.

Sproul denied that the committee could continue existing without them, saying, “Are we going to have a committee or not?” His ultimatum angered his fellows.

Councilman Owen Mathews admonished, “There is a committee with the majority of the people…we have an acting committee. You can keep trying to put the same two people forward and fight this,[but] I would rather you just find two more people to put forward who maybe can get appointed to it.”

Councilman Dick Claar agreed, “We didn’t accept your appointments so make new ones off the list of people who applied.”

With the mayor’s continued refusal, the council expressed their willingness to amend the ordinance to call for only five members.

While Mathews refused to talk about his reasons, describing the situation as similar to a personnel matter, Councilman Paul Smoot attempted to answer the mayor’s wife, Sonja Sproul when she asked “on behalf of the town of Moorcroft”, why the council refused these two individuals.

“Part of the issue is the fact that [like] when you approached [the council], it’s the anger and frustration behind this,” Smoot said.

Sproul and his wife both interrupted Smoot, to which he responded, “This is exactly what I’m talking about – if we have this kind of volatility just trying to appoint two people, why would we want those people?”