Aloisio discusses candidacy

By Grace Moore

Candidate John Aloisio was unavailable prior to the publication of last week’s issue to speak on his concerns and plans if elected to the Moorcroft Town Council. He shares the following thoughts.

“Overall, I believe people are more important than infrastructure. The Goshen Project, lagoon upgrade, MTC renovation and landfill crisis are serious problems that require serious thought and serious solutions,” he says.

“They do and will continue to occupy much of our time and effort, but these are only important if they serve to strengthen the quality of life of our citizens. The constant increase in water, sewer and garbage rates have been frequently been enacted, not simply because costs have increased, but to balance out of control spending, especially in the public works department.”

Aloisio would like to serve in order to place emphasis on quality of life for citizens.

“I hope to bring civility to council meetings, an open budget process and implementation of people projects; reducing unneeded spending, such as the position of public works director; insisting that we discontinue adding new projects that were not budgeted and including money for ‘people projects’ will be my major focus in the coming budget years,” he continues.

Aloisio expresses a clear separation between the town’s maintenance staff and the public works director position, saying “Our public works staff goes quietly about their respective tasks ensuring the delivery of basic infrastructure services, deserving our support.”

Aloisio says his year on the council was a positive one and believes he, “Was able to help the budgeting in a way that actually made some real sense and accomplished some real goals for ourselves. I would like to continue that for the next few years.”