Accident on I-90

On Sunday, December 10, at approximately 3:40 p.m., a juvenile from Gillette, driving a 2017 GMC Sierra 3500 pickup and carrying three passengers, was traveling eastbound on Interstate 90. According to Lieutenant Tim Boumeester, as the driver attempted to negotiate a slight left hand curve near milepost 150.75, the vehicle, for unknown reasons, left the pavement and traveled into the median.

In an attempt to steer the vehicle back onto the roadway, the driver overcorrected, turning the pickup to the right, regaining the pavement. The driver for a second time overcorrected, this time to the left, once again leaving the hard surface and travelling into the median.

At this point, says Boumeester, the driver overcorrected a final time to the right in an effort to regain the pavement, causing the vehicle to rotate clockwise and enter a broadside slide. At this point the vehicle “tripped” and rolled two and a half times, coming to rest on the roof in the passing lane of the westbound interstate.

While there were no fatalities, two of the occupants of the pickup were transported to the Campbell County Memorial Hospital.

The Moorcroft first responders were commended for their quick response time by Councilman Owen Mathews on Monday, who said, “Within a few minutes there were two rigs on scene.” He acknowledged that this is the reason for the investment the town puts into the ambulance service and fire department.