Above and beyond

Grace Moore photo
Councilman John Henle, Pine Haven Ambulance EMT Barb Hardy, Director of Pine Haven Ambulance Service Dusty Downey, Crook County Medical Director Doctor Steven French, Pine Haven Fire Chief Bob Rudichar and Pine Haven Ambulance EMT, David Schrock with Baby Schrock.

By Grace Moore

Barb Hardy was recognized as the Town of Pine Haven’s volunteer EMT of the Year for 2017 for service above and beyond at a meeting of her peers on Thursday evening and received a plaque with the commendation of fellow volunteers.

Hardy has been an active member of the Pine Haven EMS crew for about ten years and, according to Ambulance Service Director Dusty Downey, has consistently given of her time and effort above and beyond what is expected.

“Barb is always willing to help out; always one of the ones I can always count on to be there. She’s ready to jump up at a moment’s notice,” he says.

Hardy was commended, too, for her rapport with patients and calm demeanor in difficult moments. Downey notes, “She has that cool head and she’s good at critical thinking.”

Pine Haven’s EMS is manned 100 percent by volunteers and Downey speaks with a great deal of admiration for Hardy and the other volunteers who willingly step up when called to take care of community.

To give the public an idea of what being part of the EMS in this area means, Downey explains that there are different types of medical procedures and protocols associated with different emergencies; “Urban medicine and Rural medicine” are common to their locality but, in Wyoming, the EMTs must be able to competently work with either, making for a more comprehensive method described as Frontier medicine because, “We see everything from level one traumas all the way to snake bites and chain saw cuts.”

He adds that that kind of across-the-board training takes immense effort and time.

Downey noted that, when the hours are added up, the EMS volunteers put in more than 200 hours a year for meetings, training, and actual calls. “That’s a pretty good chunk of their time and Barb has definitely gone above and beyond in that respect, too,” he says.