A new engine for the ambulance

At the second budget workshop, the governing body, staff and citizens considered the possibility of putting a new engine into the town’s 2007 ambulance instead of selling it. Right now, when the Moorcroft Ambulance is called out, the volunteers use the new vehicle primarily because the 2007 “is having engine issues,” according to volunteer Jesse Connally, as well as for the “Power Load Cot System”.

The load system is designed to hook to the loaded cot with a weight limit of over 500 pounds and, by the push of a button, that weight is lifted into place by the power system and the EMT needs only push the cot into the back of the vehicle.

A new ambulance runs more than $200,000 and while the anticipated need for the next one is being considered, the council discussed perhaps installing both a new engine and a Power Load Cot System to bring the secondary ambulance up to “like new” for the EMS crew.

-By Grace Moore