Williams nominated for National Coach of the Year

By Grace Moore

Moorcroft High School Wrestling Coach Charlie Williams initiated a training program a few years ago that not only brought his athletes consistently to state championship and increased membership numbers on the team, but also the title of Coach of the Year at the state level for the last several years.
This year, Williams has taken another step up. The Wyoming Coaches Association nominated him at the National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA) for the second time and he has made it through to the finals.
Williams and seven other finalists are considered the top eight coaches in the nation at the present time.
He and his peers will attend the national convention in Peoria, IL on June 21 and 22 to find out who will be the National Coach of the Year.
Williams says that he doesn’t really know what his chances are. “I haven’t spent that much time worrying about it, I’m just kind of focusing on the wrestling right now. We have 34 wrestlers and it’s one of our best groups,” he smiles.
This is the first year that Williams has not taught at the school as well as coached wrestling.
“It’s been an adjustment. The wrestling program still takes a substantial amount of time so I’m still at the school quite a bit, taking care of all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes…but it’s been working pretty well,” he says.
“I like coming to the school being fresh and excited to see the kids every day.”
As Williams has stressed in the past when awards season rolled around, he says that he doesn’t consider the nomination to be a solely person achievement.
“I’m happy to accept it, and I’m happy to be part of it, but this is an award for our entire wrestling program,” he says.